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First Baptist Church of Sterling City was formed in 1895 by some of the founding fathers of Sterling County. It has continued to serve this area bringing people to know and serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Come and Meet our New Pastor.

Bro. Don Longoria

and His Wonderful Wife Charlotte along

with their Beautiful Family.

DEACONS:    Charlie Stevens, Chmn; Ty Stevens:

  David Garrison; Bill Humble; Bruce Myrick;             

Shorty Radde; Melvin Freeman

Youth Minister;  Michaelle Mcguire

Music  Nancy Stevens;  Piano; J. Freeman

Organ; Pinkie Humble.

First Baptist Church of
Sterling City, Tx

325 378 2521


403 Water Street

Sterling City, Tx 76951

Don Longoria   Pastor

325-206-1178 cell


2017 fbcsterlingcity.com

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